To deficate, including all food consumed and digested. Including but not limited to: corn, beef, chips, wheat, coy cars, hamsters bones, etc.
by Cusher Van Buren December 2, 2004
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Yet another mis-spelling of an English word by an under educated public. Of course, the word they're struggling for is 'Defecate'.

I deficate (sic) on your poor use of the language!
by teaurn June 1, 2007
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Penoral defication- is a socially accepted form of pissing.
The word comes from the catholic edited version of the Second testament - Roman soldier to Jesus of Nazareth:"gonna cry? gonna piss your pants maybe? maybe shit and cum?"
Because of vulgarity of the word "piss" theologicians with the help of "minor" assistants came up with the given phrase.
Uncle Balthazar: Hey little Jimmy! Do you want know what Penoral Defication is?
Jimmy in a wheelchair: *drooling*
Uncle Balthazar: *unzips pants* Well you came to the right place! *starts pissing*
by Benis :DDDDDD August 17, 2020
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The act of shitting ones own pants, most often resulting from an embarrassing situation.
The drama-queen was so drunk last night that she didn't know what she had said and done. When we told her, she ran into a corner and started self-deficating. Sadly, her act of self-deficating only made her more embarrassed, and she self-deficated again. It was a vicious and smelly circle she got herself into.
by BLT85022 November 10, 2011
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When somebody discovers feces somewhere, and it is awful to even describe. The excrement might vary in smell, look, etc. Never the less, it is awful, and must be avoided at all times.
Johnny had burritos last night, and he just left his horrible defication devastation in the toilet.

by BallistaTheDeer August 29, 2015
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When a Guy fucks a person in the ass and blows his load. then the person, (guy or girl) with the load in his/her ass takes a steaming frosted turd into some girls pussy.
dude i heard that Chris Sorrow was conceived by defication insemination
by SonicInToX December 7, 2007
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