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Defiant are a band from bolton, england which mainly play heavy metal/hard rock songs along with their blues style solo's...
However, when a bass player of an y metal band is black, the band is instantly refered to as a "defiant"

The members of the band are:

Ben Freestone
Jack McNally Burn
Jamie Alnami (nigga)

''Holy shit dude, i just saw Defiant playing at The Soundhouse (bolton)!! They were fucking immense!''

''I know man i love their music!''
''Their myspace rockzzzz!''
"but its a shame about the black bastard on bass"
by Ben "sexface" Defiant September 18, 2007
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Having or showing defiance

Going astray from the target on purpose
The mas was defiant for standing up to his parents.
by MDC9 January 10, 2019
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