After a war or battle when the person who is defeated falls into a depression
After Germany lost in World War One the country suffered from defeation.
by Jonny boychuck March 18, 2018
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An apparel line created by a couple of friends who came from next to nothing. they have a bomb ass logo that forms N.D. They are living proof that hard work, honor, and trust make shit happen. They are the next big thing.
My coach told me I'd never amount to anything with all my talent because I wouldn't conform to their rules.

no defeat, bitch. I'm in the finals.
by Clark Thunder Kent December 14, 2012
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Defeater are a modern hardcore band from Boston who have gained a cult following among the hardcore underground with every amount of praise being completely earned. Defeater have only released one album and one EP, both of which being highly ambitious concept pieces. Their LP, Travels, chronicles the events preceding the suicide of a wayward man in which he kills his father and brother, and then mourns the death of his drug addicted mother. Their EP, Lost Ground, was written about a black World War II veteran who loses his entire infantry and then returns to the states just to be shunned by society, eventually turning to alcohol. Defeater will release their second LP, Empty Days and Sleepless Nights, in March of 2011.
Guy 1: "Hey man, you ready for the new Defeater album?"

Guy 2: "You mean Empty Days and Sleepless Nights? Hell yeah, it's album of the year for sure."
by whywontyoudie January 31, 2011
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to make something go away or be destroyed.
someone who got his/her ass kicked royally
to lose at a video game
We defeated that pizza quick.
You got defeated by the punk ass Johnny.
That table was defeated last night.
by Stelio Agganis April 14, 2003
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What Neo-Cons and their supporters accuses people who disagree with their disastrous foreign policy of.

Defeatism is a frame word that is thrown around with no knowledge of the person who's being accused of it.

Often used by Pro-War Supporters who in denial that..

1. That Iraqs WMD claim were fabricated
2. Deny that this is part of a Growing war over the last non-renewable resources.
3. Deny the current status that Iraq is in and continue to get angry at anyone who tells them otherwise
Labeling someone that disagrees with you as having Defeatism is cowardly. It's best to turn away from these kind of political Sucker Punches.
by Bob_the_Patriot November 14, 2007
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when a particular goal is exceeded to the point where the goal feels defeated.
Brittany Williamson made her goal her little bitch and it was crying sweet tears of defeation.
by goalcrusher February 26, 2010
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