The worst Town in the entire world. Every body thinks that they are ghetto and hip but they aren't. They are all red neck peice of shits.
Your town is turning into a "Pine Bush"
by FrikFrackpadywacjgiveadogabone February 5, 2017
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The shittiest town in existance. Consists of a high school with a bunch of assholes, a mcdonalds where everyone thinks it's cool to hang out, an ice cream place, rite aid, and a diner.

The UFO capital of the North East.
Pine Bush sucks.
by rotfnbsjhgfs August 4, 2008
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Pine Bush is a town full of farms and UFOs. The highschool is race divided and smells like cow shit half the time. Pine Bush has one McDonald’s were redneck kids think it is funny to burn out if the parking lot in their pickup truck with a confederate flag on the back. Pine Bush is more hick than Miniskink
We’re going to Pine Bush to get that farmers kush
by Madmason November 7, 2018
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The most cheapest town in the world that always smells like cow shit and is full of hillbillys and farms
Pine Bush is shit
by Goteeeee1234 March 29, 2017
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The small town in new york,, where mongrols are chillin
so what do you do in Pine Bush?

Oh we chill like snarly mongrols
by Fratto December 23, 2008
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A TOWN in New York that is full of farms and cows and horses. Pine Bush is a wonderful area to live and definitely IS NOT the ghetto. All individuals who live in Pine Bush should speak proper English!
Pine Bush, NY is a great place.
by Howard Newmans September 13, 2008
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