A sexual act in which the male, in the missionary position, inserts his penis into the vagina and his testicles into the anus. This 'deep fries' the testicles.
"My girl wanted to add some new flavors into our sex life, so I decided to deep fry my nards."
by deezymailmail December 14, 2009
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Drown yourself in hot oil; kill yourself; deep fry yourself hoe.
Girl 1: I can’t deal with this bitch, she won’t leave me alone.
Girl 2: Tell her ‘deep fry yourself’
by Bandrilol July 01, 2018
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To soak the male genitals in a fresh pot of Colombian brewed coffee usually to the point at which the genitals are ripe for the plucking
After that Colombian deep fry I hacked my sack off effortlessly and then went boating with Stacy.
by MamaDuck April 24, 2009
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Putting somebodies/your own face into someone's anal cavity while they are having explosive diarrhoea.
Damn, did you see Johnny deep frying someone's face over there?
by Aliendoodoo November 12, 2021
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When a woman lathers her vagina in cooking oil and lights it on fire in order to increase heat to the penis during intercourse.
"Last night Brittany and me tried the ol' Kentucky Deep Fry."
by Firestorm_38 March 06, 2018
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Named after Israeli journalist Israel Fry.
When someone is cought red handed by a professional speaking about a subject he doesn't know. Yet, keeps making arguments despite being publicly humiliated.
by Electrochemist June 11, 2021
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The action of dipping your testicles in hot sauce
I had to go to the hospital because my balls burned after deep frying
by Joe Bamba January 15, 2020
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