A word you use, when u can't think of anything else
Cole: what do you want to eat?
Phill: I dunno Shanita dee
by Dynoknight February 05, 2018
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dip for chips made from grease and human suffering. Available in many stores that sell it, and yeah buy now!

want some slip dee dip? YEA I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kviuhsdfhbvdfbvhfdsjvcsvjgbdvb October 22, 2019
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Used to call someone a pussy without them being aware of it.
Hey Shelly, you're a swabble dee sometimes, you know that?
by jackpollish August 25, 2016
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An early 90s cell phone with a ringtone that might as well have been created for a Tiger Electronics handheld game.
Boogie-Woogie John is so annoying when his little diddle-dee-dee goes off; can't he at least get a phone that will let him put real music on his ringer?
by Seshie November 13, 2019
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- Come to save me from marking! And the diddly-dees.
- And the what?
- The diddly-dees! The traditional Scottish music people. My only mates since you quit the scene.
/ "ЕрThеe Nest" series
by Anna_TS April 22, 2020
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