gray-hat, programmer, content creator one of the most famous person on kik who ended whole app called kik messenger
Dee haxor was on of the most popular name i heard on kik
by Dee Haxor April 11, 2022
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Dee-Jane-A has an old soul, artistic and imaginative. Love sad songs. WIERD. Either colorful, emotionless or soulful no in-betweens. Could be talking a lot then huddle like a hermit crab in just seconds. Has a deep sense of morality and integrity, is not an idle dreamer takes concrete steps for goals and makes a lasting impact. Has a unique combination of personality traits that makes her complex and quite versatile. She feels called to use her strengths to uplift others and spread compassion. Troubled by injustice, and cares more about altruism than personal gain. Tends to step in when someone faces unfairness or hardship. Values deep, authentic relationships. Needs time to of reconnect, decompress, recharge and process thoughts and emotions. May focus intently on a goal that she doesn't take care of herself or doesn't rest until it is finish then starts another. This leads to stress and burnout, which cause her feeling uncharacteristically ill-tempered. Acts with best intentions and frustrated when others don't appreciate it. Is a perfectionist, not easy to open up, avoids the ordinary, sensitive, has high standards, and prone to burnout. Is blunt don't ask opinion if you don't want to hear the truth, great at fixing other's problems not her own, constantly trying to improve, best person to have around but not the person who stays and she is complicated and a mess but she's God's mess and he turns a mess into a masterpiece.
Look, there is Dee-Jane-A, she doesn't want to talk to anyone but everyone wants to talk to her.
Dee-Jane-A, she could be a serial killer.
Dee-Jane-A, she could help people to love and understand each other better.
by goingthrough November 23, 2021
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A person is the lowest and dirtiest in the world by causing pain to others - Dee Lo
by SkavengerTikTok December 7, 2021
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An alter ego used for men with the name “Andy”. A Dee man is a classified reprobate who is likely to cause offence or carnage wherever he goes. A Dee man will likely appear from a mere muggles body, but only when either too much alcohol or Peruvian snow has been consumed. The said innocent human affected may not even know their inner Dee man has came out only until the morning after, however, the curse of the Dee man allows for categorically 0 remorse or regret to be felt. You can tell when a Dee-man has entered the room by his enormous stature, he will claim to be 6ft5 when in reality scrapes 5ft10. This will be accompanied by an accent that get ever increasingly hard to understand the more his inner Dee man grows. The only saving grace the menace to society brings is that he is equipped with an absolute monster of a cock, however unfortunate he never gets to use it.
“You see the way he’s smashing those lines and beers? He’s gonna turn into the Dee man soon”
by The Irish G.O.A.T November 23, 2021
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a name referring to an individual who consistently loses at two player videogames.
After numerous attempts, Ryan could not win at Gran Turismo, and was thus formally re-named, Dee Nyde.
by Lou Minatti June 8, 2006
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The artist quickly dee really aired after being struck with an artistic epiphany.
by ItsReallyReal September 15, 2020
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