Don't show up at school on December 16th!
December 16th is a break from school.
by tiktok_startspreadingthenews October 28, 2019
National hate Aarron Martin day! This anti-vaxer loser deserves to be jumped, kicked to death and cyber-bullied till no one has to suffer from his reeking COVID breath, he stinks so much he has a brown aura around him
Ron- "I hope Aarron Martin dies a slow and painful death"

Sharron Martin- "Me too, what a loser and a mistake! Let's kill him on December 16th"
by Sharron Martin December 14, 2021
If you were born on December 16th you are one of the cutest people to ever live, you have at least 10 people who secretly have a crush on you
When’s your birthday?

Oh it’s December 16th.
Well, then I know your cute
Twerk on anyone you want day!
Melissa: Why are you twerking on me?
Emma: Because it’s December 16th! Which means twerk on anyone you want day!
by BaddestBitchPeriod14 December 13, 2019
Legend says that best people were born on December 16th. If u r born on Dec 16 ur the best.

Your friend is born on that day? You are lucky to be friends with that person.

You hate someone who is born on December 16th? Sorry, that person is better than u.

People born on December 16th:

Zara Larsson
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ethan And Grayson Dolan
Theo James
OMG, ur born on December 16th!? Wow, ur so cool, amazing and cute! ILYSM.
by evil356hahe October 17, 2019
When the best people that have a 10000000 inch dick are born.
“My birthday is December 16th”

by Burnt Beans On Cheesy Toast October 29, 2019
Its national get that pussy/dick week...All guys must fuck their boyfriend/girlfriend everyday that week and if you dont get that pussy or dick then you lose😋🥰
On December 16th to the end of the week, me and my boyfriend have to fuck all week.. and if we dont then we lose the challenge
by @biggybitch23 November 21, 2019