2 definitions by evil356hahe

Expresses laughter, when you are tired of typing haha or hehe. It is a true combination of haha and hehe.

Used when you're kind of pepega.
A: are you ok? lol
B: no hahe
A: ok.
by evil356hahe August 17, 2021
Legend says that best people were born on December 16th. If u r born on Dec 16 ur the best.

Your friend is born on that day? You are lucky to be friends with that person.

You hate someone who is born on December 16th? Sorry, that person is better than u.

People born on December 16th:

Zara Larsson
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ethan And Grayson Dolan
Theo James
OMG, ur born on December 16th!? Wow, ur so cool, amazing and cute! ILYSM.
by evil356hahe October 17, 2019