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1. A person who apposes vaccinations despite scientific evidence. Often associated with a fear that they cause autism.

2. Slang for someone who refuses to acknowledge obvious facts because they're contrary to their preconceptions.
Those stupid anti-vaxers have brought back previously defeated illnesses like measles and mumps all over the country.

Did you hear Jill try to argue that Ken Ham won the debate with Billy Nye? She's such a delusional Anti-vaxer!.
by ReginaAstrum April 09, 2014
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A person who refuses to accept several thousand years of medical research. They believe that immunisation is purely to profit pharmaceutical companies.
Anti-vaxers also believe that vitamin c can cure everything from a cold to cancer.

caution, do not mention science to an anti-vaxer as this will result in meme-spamming.
I am an anti-vaxer. I reject your reality and will counter it with this meme bout Nazi's.
by anti-anti-vaxers October 19, 2015
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