National fuck your friend day is a day meant for you and best friend of other gender to have some fun. June 19
Let’s fuck are best friends . Man my bf has the best dick. Yea National fuck your best friend day
by Gshajdsnndbz April 12, 2019
On June 23th you have permission to fuck any of your best friends weather they be male, female, non binary, trans female or trans male, ECT.
You can go up to your best friends and say "its national fuck your best friend day" and they have to let you smash and the same goes to you.
by Femmeep420 June 21, 2021
June 21st. The day when u and your best friend get in bed and you know..fuck

"Its National Fuck your best friend day!!! Get on the bed"
by Im_gay_for_the_egg June 20, 2021