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To describe something as exceptionally good or "cool", normally referring to an item/ non-living thing, but can be used to describe people also.
Ex. 1: My Mama make a mean turkey sandwhich!!
Ex. 2: Damn, that girls got a mean ass!
Ex. 3: Our little league soccer team has mean dribbles.
by FezMac June 20, 2009
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Sometimes referred to as "Debby Downer."; Someone who practices hate on someone, or spots out the negatives in something good.
1. Guy 1: Dude I just got Guitar Hero IV!

Guy 2: Same, it sucks. The songs suck shit.

Guy 1: Its not that bad, Debby.
2. Duke is a Debby about the game
3. Man A: I just got you a new Mac computer for your birthday!!

Man B: Throw that shit out Macs suck

Man C: Wow..... Debby
by FezMac June 18, 2009
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