N. A disaster

V. To confuse someone utterly

see also debacling
Ben was quite debacled when I seemed to have injured my ankle, but then jumped up and ran away when he came to investigate.
by Tim_Dayton December 1, 2004
A problem of huge proportion, usually associated with algebra or tarsias. Immortalised by Mr. Wade.
By Jove my lovelies this is a complete debacle!
by ms_12 December 12, 2019
see debacle

Something that is very mysterious/confusing
Me: "I say Horton, this is quite the debacling physics problem."
Horton: "Indeed it is."
by Tim_Dayton December 1, 2004
to have a sudden onslaught of ludicrous failure brought down upon you...especially after you illegally video tape other teams' practice...and arrogantly prance into superbowl XL II expecting to be handed the Lombardi trophy while wearing a ridiculous red hoodie.
"we knew that the patriot's defense was one of the weakest links of the team...but what happened tonight was that the strength of the patriot's team got...DEBACLED!"
--emmitt james smith III
by holdenfunk February 5, 2008
Debacleization is a move that takes a bad situation and exponentially makes it worse by making a bad decision.
Mangini's decision to replace Quinn with Anderson was the debacleization that ended up costing him the head coaching position for the Browns.
by Petergozinya September 28, 2009
Since the whole Tennessee debacle, when Terrible Todd pissed on everyones heads,
he is no longer invited to any more Fly-Ins.
by Erdy June 30, 2005
n.-A big mess, a disaster

v.-to ravage sexually!
by Claymate August 16, 2003