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A gaze, glare or glower that is meant to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Originated from Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, it is most often portrayed in an image of him with something other than cookies, making quite the angry face.
One of the most common ways to preform the Death Stare is just shooting the glare at someone, but for the most effect, it's best to turn your head S-L-O-W-L-Y and pair the glare with a very prominent exhale. Maybe even some harsh whispering.
A common form of defense used by a Calum, a Vanessa or an Amber.
Random jock: Man, is that your face or did your neck throw up?

You: *Death stare and harsh whisper* Shut... your face...

Random jock: O_O" Alrighty then...
by Chou Yuuki April 13, 2010
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When someone stares at another with a look that makes someone want to shrink down in their seat in terror.
The gym teacher stared at the student who missed the ball with a Death Stare.
by Zeekaice August 12, 2009
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to look fixedly at someone with so much hate in hopes that their face melts, explodes, or caves in with extreme discomfort and pain.
Damn Jenny! WTF is with the death stare?

Jenny: "Honestly, I just wish you would die."
by Poobnut June 29, 2009
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The face that a teacher gives you when she thinks that you did something that is totally against religion
i was doing hand motion of french fries when she gave us that death stare. O_O
by darejar March 02, 2008
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When someone looks at you straight on like they want to kill you or think they are better than you are. They usually have a glazed over look in their eye or they have their nose in the air.
If this female gives me the death stare one more time i'm going to kick her teeth in
by Jaret Miller February 02, 2010
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The look a girl gives you when she literally erases you from her "like" list. She will give you that look and then either slap you or walk away in silence.

Can also be found when *she* is spaced out or gazing at something absent mindedly.
He cheated on me, so I gave him the deathstare and walked off.

You, shouldnt try and get with her, she gave you the deathstare
by Johny2010 May 25, 2010
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