Darley is by far the coolest person you'll ever meet. He's funny nice and surprisingly handsome. You become bestfriends fast and he doesn't do anything to hurt you purposely. He will be with you forever and rarely lies unless if needed. He's tall and is decently good at sports. He has at least 1 girl bestfriend but many boy bestfriends. He is really really nice and will be with you forever and ever. Don't make a darley mad because he will just laugh. Darleys are the coolest and rarest people alive and they aren't fake with you they're very real. Treasure darley the coolest person alive and also one of the handsomest and easiest to fall in love with.
omg that must be a darley!

Is that darley coming to us? I'm so happy !
Darley is the coolest person ever.
by The Astonishing Asteroid June 6, 2015
Formally a public house in cleethorpes the term Darleys also referred to a group of musicians who frequented the establishment in the late 1990's and used the back room for debauchery, selling counterfeit goods and live music.
by Whizzdrought October 24, 2017
A small kiddo from a dodge school. Also known as Joshua the parkour master.
by Heykkkffsdhg November 22, 2017
An up and coming full-spectrum, an all-genre-encompassing band based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Darley Havidson is the band to end all bands.

The roots of the group are deeply steeped in the coffee scene, as many of the band members come from the craft coffee and cocktail industries, respectively.
Slated as one of the best sounds in St. Pete (and soon the world,) Darley Havidson exists in pop-up sound installations that are unscheduled and entirely at random.
These types of performances enhance the mystery and interest that surround the group.
I caught a Darley Havidson pop-up performance yesterday! Let's gooooooooooo
by topochica October 28, 2019