a: what’s the new girls name?
b: I think she said “Dearing.”
a: that means she’s a bad ass bitch
by jumping penguin da September 1, 2020
A name that one calls himself when he's feeling cool at hell. When you feel jiggy about yourself.
Damn son, I feel like the dearing tonight!!!
by dizzle pizzle April 10, 2007
Fans of Dimash.

Dimash Dears are a group of people that cannot be identified/categorized into any specific gender, age, race or nationality. Supprisingly, they managed to interact harmonious my, each using their own language to communicate.

Dears are infected and carriers of Dimashititis.

They can be recognized by :
1. Normal day : Ear/headphones, panda eyes and wide smile . Have a tendency of forgetfulness / absent minded. Things will tend to be left undone or half done or even burned food.
2. Concert/Airport/Gathering : ,Lighted Dear hairband or Dimash Cap, Dimash Tee and holding flowers, banner/light-stick. Dears will be taking photos/videos and singing Dimash's songs.

Dears are well known for their high presence on social media such as Facebook, Instangram, Tweeter, You Tube and Weibo etc. where they will vote, like and comment on anything that has Dimash's name.
Dears can be an angels but will attack any moment if any negative about Dimash is found, they will rip apart the unfortunate soul.
by TazaKap January 9, 2020
Similar to "oh my god." To be surprised or amazed at a new happening. Usually not used in a frantic sense as omg can be, but more in a sarcastic or humorous way.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear that KC is now dating that girl who is pale, ugly, and has aids?

Guy 2: No! dear...dear
by ud101 May 12, 2008
it is the initials of drop everything and read.. people use it at the begining of letters, emails, messages, notes etc. it means they want you to pay fucking attention to what they wrote cuz they worked hard on it
dear mom, im out wif ma frendz watchin a movie.. i took the cell.. dun call me... ill call u wen it dun
by lili May 8, 2004
expensive, rare, or otherwise much sought after.
I'd love to get a set of 26 inch chrome dubs but they are DEAR!
by ihatechrome January 6, 2004
the rad. the only. only works with darling. makes a perfect whole.
my dear darling. we're so rad.
by connie is cool September 3, 2005