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A word used to describe a narcissistic and egocentric member of the male species, who more often than not dress similar to Boy George, are confused about their sexuality, have a weak character and are obsessed with singing - often forcing themselves into believing that they are the next David Bowie or Art Garfunkel. Portraying themselves as confident, outgoing and ''with it'' in social circles, deep down inside a Deano is a self-loathing, petty, angry and self-absorbed little creature. They also generally fail at life.
Man 1: ''Dude! Did you hear about what happened to our work colleague, that Mr B guy?''
Man 2: ''No, I didn't. Why, what did happen to our work colleague, that Mr B chap?''
Man 1: ''He took a disabled guy to London and left him in a random pub as Mr B then scuttled off to a singing audition for 4 hours!''
Man 2: ''For real? Isn't that neglect of the disabled man?''
Man 1: ''You bet it is! Daym, that Mr B is such a Deano!''
Man 2: ''Woah....*shakes head in utter disbelief* what a Deano....''
by IT'S REAL LOVE August 10, 2019
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