beings who, yes, follow Satan, and yes are not fond of most humans, but who CAN have a moral conscience. They were originally angels, but were cast out by god because he had to tell humans that whatever they held true on earth would hold true in taking it too far, my kind was thrown out...and yes, we're quite upset about it, but we also have a respect for natural balance.
"We deamons shall have our day."
by Airashii October 3, 2003
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means more demonic than a demon
like ellyn is a deamon at 8:30 on sunday april 29, 2007
by Sean A. O'Halloran April 30, 2007
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For the spazzes who can’t spell demonic correctly
Guy: hey how do you spell deamonic
Guy 2: deamonic
Guy: you fucking dickhead
by Gossy12345 August 30, 2021
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n. Residual shit between ones ass crack, due to improper wiping techniques, which dries to cause severe anal discomfort, physical activity can exagerate such effects.
Yo dude, I gotta stop and take a shower. I've got a haggard crusty ass deamon kickin. All this Dance Dance Revolution is rubbin it raw bro.
by grundlemychuzzle February 15, 2005
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A good cs player...He is in FTP clan!!He`s favourite weapon is Mp4-for stupid people colt....he also likes deagle!
...mda asta pt romanii care il cunosc bai!!!
by mihai April 14, 2005
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Occurs during sleep paralysis when a Deamon literally takes out his dick and fucks you in the ass and face.
Wyatt: “Hey Clayton FUCK YOU”!
Clayton: “I hope you get Deamon Dicked tonight”!
Wyatt: Dude that’s fucked
by Alanthecreator October 3, 2023
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a deamon ninja is someone who is a master of stealth and melee on halo, especilly with melee specified weapons such as the sword.
guy 1: dude that guy just raped us in team swords.
gut 2: yea he must be a deamon ninja.
by xjordanx November 8, 2007
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