Dude i deamed so much last night
wow me to
by gottadeameveryday March 12, 2015
A conjunction of the words "dick" and "steam." A byproduct of male urination during cold weather. "Steam" rises off the penis during the urination process creating an interesting, often comical site.
Damn, I pissed in the snow earlier and there was deam everywhere.
by Fuckin' Drew January 24, 2008
Deam = Damn

Used as another word for "damn".
by Swift February 22, 2005
a dead man in a car.
guy 1: yo I gave a lift to this hitch hiker but he died in the car.

guy 2 : shit man so you were driving around with a deam!?
by noob1234520 August 13, 2012
Slang for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, otherwise known as DMT. DMT is smoked for a short, intense psychedelic experience.
Hello, I possess large quantities of deams. Would you like to purchase some?
by TheMeager February 4, 2010
A person who is usualy a dick-head or other wise a cock block
Dude your a dick-head for pulling a deames last nite.
by julian84u January 15, 2011
A wrathful exclamation of hasty greed. Likely pronounced with every intention of thievery.
"Wow, bill's wife is smokin!" "I know... Gimme DEAM!"
by truenerdguy April 20, 2010