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When a dealer says he'll be at your house in 20 minutes, and doesn't show up till 2 hours later, then act like he showed up on time.
Dealer: "I'll be there in 20 minutes"
Me: "taking dealer time into calculation i'll see you in about 2 hours"
by DC Black July 02, 2009
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The time that dealers run on. I.E. when they tell you 5 minutes, they know you are fiending and are willing to wait 5 minutes for them to get there if thats all its gonna be, and that it will be at least 15 minutes before you call them again. Basically, 5 minutes is 15-30 minutes, and if they say half an hour, it could be hours.

A ploy used to keep you from even thinking about calling another dealer.
If you're involved with too many drug transactions, you will start running on dealer time in your every day life.
by Joshuway January 24, 2008
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