I'm almost there is what a guy tells his jack-off squire when he almost reaches the point of no return while being jacked off.
Matt always says "I'm almost there" when he's about to blow his load when I'm jacking him off!
by USAF Cadet July 30, 2021
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In a girls's language,
"I'm almost ready" means,

I have just started..
..so give her time..
Peter : "Are you ready?"

Isabell : "I'm almost ready.."

Peter : "Ok.."

5 minutes after..

Peter : "Are you ready?"

Isabell : "Ya..just one more minute..."

10 minutes after...

Peter : "Are you DONE????"

Isabell : "Can't you wait???"

30 mimutes after..

Peter : "We are so late!! Are you ready?"

Isabell : "One second.."

Peter : "I thought YOU were almost ready 30 minutes ago!!"

Isabell : That was when I was finishing up with wearing clothes"

Peter : "10 minutes ago?"

Isabell : "Oh..I was doing my make-up.."

Peter : -_-
by Lollica April 30, 2010
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