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1) The word you use when you find something hilarious.
2) Not physically alive.
Example 1:
*Person saying something funny*
Other person: Dead

Example 2:
Someone that isn't living anymore.
by fhk x3 May 12, 2017
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ADJ. Slang term meaning "Extremely" Or "Very."
Commonly Used as an alternative to the slang word "Mad"
Guy1: "Yo, do you understand that Physics homework?"
Guy2: "Na man, that shits Dead Hard!"
by ApocalypseZero May 31, 2009
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frontman of norwegian black metal band Mayhem.
committed suicide at the age of 22.
the real soul of Mayhem.
Mayhem without Dead are not the real Mayhem.
probably the best blackster ever.
his name will never die, as his spirit does.
never forget his death, that changed black metal scene more than Euronymous' death did.
in memory of a legend.
Dead is simply a legend.
nothing else to say.
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
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Something that is no longer living and can now be kicked.
by IFORGOT December 08, 2002
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When you're passed the point of something being hilariously funny; when you've laughed as hard as you possibly can. Often expressed online by putting an asterisk (*) in front of and behind the word itself.
Ashley: So I went out with this guy last night, and we hit it off, but he doesn't seem to be interested in me other than my clothes and who does my hair.
Mary: That boy has more zest than a bag full of lemons.
Ashley: *DEAD*
by purplestar1952 September 10, 2009
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used a lot in the north of britain (anywhere north of Birmingham), means very, really, or a lot. used as an exclamation.
wow! that's dead good!
you're dead cool!
yum, that pie was dead tastey!
by Cara Roberts April 29, 2006
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