The Juggernaut-class Shivan Dreadnought that ambushed and destroyed the GVD Psamtik during an attack on Shivan gas miners. While it is unknown how many exist, over eighty have been seen when these ships destroyed the Capella star, causing a supernova. The Blue Lions' leader, Shawn Farrell, perished in the explosion, protecting fleeing GTVA transports from Shivan attack as they escaped out of the system. This ship was also responsible for the destruction of the GTVA Colossus. Previously, the largest Shivan ship known to the GTVA was the Ravana. There is no known Shivan ship larger than the Sathanas.

The word itself is, very loosely, another term for Satan.
All other intelligence regarding the Sathanas has been classified level Phi.
by Christopher Powell May 6, 2004
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A massive Shivan Juggernaught.

The Shivans have an unconfirmed amount of these ships, but over 80 have been sighted in GTVA Space.
A fleet of over 80 of them destroyed the Capella star.
"Command! A Sathanas juggernaught just jumped withing range!"
by Ferret November 25, 2003
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Most beautiful, perfect and intelligent girl in the world, she is hilarious, yet a great friend. One would be very lucky to get to know Sathana and even luckier to have her as a close friend. Is the cause of world’s happiness.
Sathana is so cute. She has incredible eyes!
Woah look Sathana got 100% in the maths test!
by @____- September 8, 2019
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this has to be the sweetest and the smartest girl on the block she can be whoever she wants and is always focused but sometimes her peers don't let her do this. btw she is also one of the pretty girls in the class and she is wanted by many she sometimes chooses the wrong kind of friends but the will always be their for you
sathana is so nice
by vodetia6 March 5, 2018
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Sathana is a lusu ponnu

Usually the perfect match with boys whose name start with R.

Sathana is a angry bird.. Always fight with his boyfriend.. But she never go form his loved one
Sathana-angry bird
by Sathana November 24, 2021
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