the act of going in to give somebody a hi-five, but instead you you make your hand go limp and yell out "Dead Fish!"
caution, this can be very emotional for some, and can cause some misunderstanding between friends.
Amy: Hey Quinn.. Hi-five?
*puts hand in the air*

Quinn: Yeah sure!
*puts hand in the air and goes in for the act of friendship*

Amy: *drops hand in limp motion*
"DEAD FISH! hahaha!!"
by -amyy April 08, 2008
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a limp wristed hand shake from a border-line pirate!...to get felt up like a little turtle when greeting someone!
My manager gave me "dead fish" when I came to work today!
by ben-wah! April 25, 2003
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A grotesque, smelly carcass that lies on a seashore. Whether that fish died after eating our crap or from natural causes, its very sight is enough to make us lose our lunch. Don't. Swim. Here.
After that big rainstorm last night our beach was littered with dead fish. They had their last supper of raw sewage and God knows what else, but I'll never drink the water again.
by The Real Canadian July 18, 2015
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Derived from the obvious lack of enthusiasm and energy of a dead fish caught out of water, being or feeling like a dead fish simply means that you just want to crash in bed and hibernate until you regain your energy and are capable of performing basic functions. Until then, you are a dead fish.
-Want to do something tonight?
-I can't; I'm a dead fish. Was up all night yesterday.
by gattonero September 24, 2009
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(verb) The condition of one's limbs going limp, causing one to spontaneously fall to the ground from a standing upright position, as a dead fish would. This action follows someone directing the command "dead fish" towards an unsuspecting victim. The goal is to make the "dead fish" feel as awkward and embarassed as humanly possible.
"Wow, KMo just got dead fished in front of the entire boys' soccer team. She looks like an idiot."
"I just got dead fished in front of the entire mens' lacrosse team. I'm going to go kill myself now"
by JP and Ariel May 04, 2006
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(Verb) To "Dead Fish" someone is to have penetrative sexual intercourse when the recipient is unconscious; often as the result of too much alcohol and/or drugs; or in some cases when the cock receiver is merely sleeping.

Dead Fishing can be done with or without consent. Many people fantasize about getting fucked while they are unconscious only to awake to the pleasure of a cock in the puss (or the ass).
George: "I went out with Liza again last night and she got so fucking drunk she passed out before we got our groove on."

Roy: "So what did you do?"

George: "What do you think?! I carried her up to my room and Dead Fished her TYC."

Roy: "Good call Bro."
by Filth Adel Fia July 26, 2007
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verb-meaning to have intercourse with a person whom has lost all bodily control and conciousness, laying like a dead fish.
When I was in college, I enjoyed the occasional dead fish at frat parties, thanks to our good friend ruffies.
by PDiddy October 27, 2004
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