(verb) The condition of one's limbs going limp, causing one to spontaneously fall to the ground from a standing upright position, as a dead fish would. This action follows someone directing the command "dead fish" towards an unsuspecting victim. The goal is to make the "dead fish" feel as awkward and embarassed as humanly possible.
"Wow, KMo just got dead fished in front of the entire boys' soccer team. She looks like an idiot."
"I just got dead fished in front of the entire mens' lacrosse team. I'm going to go kill myself now"
by JP and Ariel May 4, 2006
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verb-meaning to have intercourse with a person whom has lost all bodily control and conciousness, laying like a dead fish.
When I was in college, I enjoyed the occasional dead fish at frat parties, thanks to our good friend ruffies.
by PDiddy October 27, 2004
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A grotesque, smelly carcass that lies on a seashore. Whether that fish died after eating our crap or from natural causes, its very sight is enough to make us lose our lunch. Don't. Swim. Here.
After that big rainstorm last night our beach was littered with dead fish. They had their last supper of raw sewage and God knows what else, but I'll never drink the water again.
by The Real Canadian July 18, 2015
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the act of being in an intoxicated state and wanting to find a dead fish to put in a hated one's yard to stink it up
Erin: "Hey Jen, I'm drunk and I really want to get revenge on Tyler for cheating on me."

Jen: "We should go dead fishing!"

Erin: "You're right! We should! If we throw it on his roof it will stink up his yard faster and it will be harder to find."
by Tangled23 October 26, 2011
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Siting in the bath masterbating using your stomach muscles rather than your arm muscles. A helmet is required for safety.
To do Dead Fishing you sit in the bath, place your hand on your penis and using your stomach you sit up and down to masterbate.
by Eagle ridge chair lift March 3, 2012
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When you’re tryna get it in with your girl but she’s just laying there like rigor mortis has set in. Not a single movement or sound escapes her body. Usually followed by “I swear it was good babe” when it in fact, was not good babe
“I was ‘Netflix and chilling’ with Becky last weekend and that bitch had dead fish syndrome.”
by Asdfghhh January 3, 2018
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The ultimate faux pas in handshaking criteria. When you shakes another person's hand, it feels as if you are holding a dead fish.
John: "Did you meet Anthony yet?"
David: "Yeah, notice that pussy ass dead fish handshake of his?"
by Barack Oprama December 28, 2007
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