Aye man i fucked this bitch last night, she made me go dead chicken
by BOONK_GANG March 6, 2018
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When a chicken is no longer living, it is dead. I hope your chicken is dead

I have no life
Billy: Jenny, the chicken is dead along with our father
Jenny: That chicken is very dead... WOW
Billy: Ya that chicken is dead and is no longer living so it is a Dead Chicken
by LovedemCHICKENS May 29, 2019
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The act of grasping one's own flaccid penis below the glans and stetching it upwards and laterally toward the right nipple. Usually performed as an insult.
Brad asked me to check out his brand-new belt buckle, but when I looked down, all I could see was a dead chicken. What a punk-ass.
by Johnny Stone March 31, 2006
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while have sex in the reverse cowgirl position. your buddy comes in and drop kicks her in the neck making her look like a dead chicken.
bro can you do the dead chicken to this girl tonight. i dont like her that much
by fancy cracker January 28, 2011
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to perform a task known to be ineffective simply to make it appear you are working to solve a problem.
i knew the proposal was way off base but i waved a dead chicken and corrected the spelling anyway.
by hidef March 29, 2004
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A term commonly used in technology meaning to do some useless, unhelpful thing in hopes it will solve a problem. For example, restarting your computer.
Intern: AGH! My computer froze!
Supervisor: Well, why don't you just wave a dead chicken over it; restart it.
by Leah77777777777777777777 August 9, 2008
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It is lower class ghetto whore, that when used, is immediately discarded after uses (Like one would treat a condom or tampon)
Evan: I smashed Dana last night, wasn't all that great.
George: That drop dead chicken head
by Robbie123inyourBIGvag March 26, 2011
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