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divine, angelic, good girl, sexy, nice ass, funny, laid back; yet feisty, stands up for what she believes in, talkative, organized, friends with everyone, has a way with men, good in bed, a born leader, and always gets what she wants
You are so DeAnn.
Everyone wants a DeAnn.
by Red Girl February 02, 2010
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funny, secy, extremely popular and very clever. a male or female name. Pronounced "dee- un" and often mispronounced as "deen". a guy with this name is usually artistic, loved by all the girls and has a stunning set of abs.
girls crowd him at all parties and he can often choose between 5 or more.
A strong sense of humour and a funny disposition. Loves to tease and has that special look. Loves extreme sports and rugby!
Will marry a stunning beauty queen with brains.
He is envied by all men and will make a sucess of anything.
It could only be Deann who did that.
That has a Deannian signature, for sure!
Deann was here... chuck norris is bleeding again.
by goue muskadel February 05, 2010
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