A 22 year old detective from the series, Bungou Stray Dogs (BSD). He's part of an agency called the Armed Detective Agency (ADA) whose members possess other-worldly abilities. Dazai's ability is "No Longer Human", which can take away others abilities using physical contact. When Dazai was 15, he was part of the Port Mafia (which he's left) where he became the youngest executive in mafia history. In the ADA, he's "the Agency's Sharpest Detective(s)". In Port Mafia, Dazai had wavy brown hair that reached to his chin. He has brown eyes too. He wore a white button-up collared shirt with a black tie, black dress shoes, and a long black trench coat around his shoulders. He wore bandages on his entire body, left cheek, and right eye. In the ADA, his physical appearance remains the same. He wears a beige trench coat, cream dress pants, black dress shoes, a light blue striped shirt under a black vest, and a bolo tie paired with a beige ribbon and a turquoise pendant. His cheek and eye bandages are gone. Aside from Dazai's countless attempts at suicide (or attempted requests for double suicide with a pretty woman), he's rather childish and dramatic, but is still serious about work. He can get dark, but he'll reveal stuff about his past if he wants to. He's 5'11", slender, and his birthday is June 19. His star sign is Gemini.

Fun fact: Dazai was named after a Japanese author. Most of the cast was named after Japanese authors, who all have passed away.
Someone: Who's your all-time favorite anime character?
Me: Hmm...I'd say it's most likely Dazai Osamu, not the writer, the character.

by iloveyoudazai September 06, 2021
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Literally the best guy in the whole fucking planet who likes suicide and Chuuya
person 1: who's this?
person 2: This is Dazai Osamu, Chuuya's husband
by c'mon now May 05, 2021
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Dazai's wife is Sophia Osamu. She has pretty brown hair and brown sparkly eyes. Dazai fell in love with her and ONLY her. They're a married couple. They live together and do things together. They both love each-other very much and will always be together!
Dazai's wife is Sophia Osamu.
by Sophia Osamu December 11, 2020
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Perfection ; very amazing and great at everything
You kin Osamu Dazai (BSD)? You are literally perfect.
by Roxie217 September 08, 2021
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If someone called you dazai that means they want to have shameless hardcore anal sex with you and you are a suicidal maniac a hot one the hottest suicidal maniac 🤤
by Cum dazai cum October 03, 2021
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