The most amazing person in the world.

Has a great job!
Has a tight knit family!
Extremely loyal
So caring
Is your boyfriend a douche or a Dayton?
by Myboothangsthebomb November 13, 2019
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the kid who is trash at cod and always airballs in basketball
by yourmadlol124 February 05, 2021
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A guy that will only fall in love with one person during their lifetime. Typically girls named HANNAH that are often nice. Guys named dayton dont typically look that good but can somehow pull the best looking girls
Friend: How did you get that girl, shes so pretty
Dayton: well look at my name
by InfernoWaves September 21, 2020
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Dayton is a badass. He always gets the girls. Doesn’t always have the best taste for girls. He is very popular. Has a lot of Friends. He has a hairy big dick. He is obsessed with trophy trucks. He is sexy and is very loyal to everyone. If your on his bad side your probably more than likely to get fucked up. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and is always on people’s mind not matter what. He has the most attractive, fit body in the world.
by Nature464 February 17, 2019
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the gayest guy you'll ever meet get handjobs in class dates guy name haven and have crooked ass teeth
by daytonsgay123 September 10, 2019
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Dayton's are very commonly know to be when a mans dick cuts uncontrollably. Daytons can hanppen any where more than likely when they see a specific fruit that they desire, unless a man is engaged they always Dayton.
Damn bro during class I Daytoned all over, the teacher kicked me out and I got sent to the nurse.
by John herbert dickens January 06, 2019
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He is confident, but can be quite shy at first. Very loyal to ones that are loyal to him. He can be very sarcastic and rude. But deep down he is caring but doesn’t show it because he fears disappointment. He holds on to deep things in his past that affects him presently and they take a toll on the way he shows love. He also loves sex
That boy Dayton
by Coolio999 September 21, 2018
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