Drinking Alcohol during the day. Usually between 11:30 AM and 6:00 PM. As long as the sun has been up and you've been drinking or your drunk before the sun goes down.
Yo man, Let's go to the beach and do some day drinking before that party tonight!
by Dizzy K October 08, 2012
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the act of drinking on a patio between the hours of noon and 6 , preferably on a Saturday or Sunday.
Danny is day drinking at South Congress Cafe....lets go join her.
by Dannyc12345 March 24, 2010
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An unnecessary HELL that one would want to do to themselves. A total waste of time and usually ends with you being in bed around dinnertime and awake at 1 in the morning unable to sleep again.
Bryan: Why is Carl in bed? We were supposed to be going out in a few minutes.

Me: He was Day Drinking when I spoke to him at 10 this morning.

Bryan: Damn. Now who's going to be the one who's going to be making everyone laugh today?

Me: Step aside Bryan. I'll take his place.
by Dumb Baccagaloot August 22, 2021
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A version of day dreaming but involving alcohol, drinking during the day and absent from reality for doing it.
"Oh wow! It's already 4pm! I don't know where the time went!"
"Honey, were you day drinking again?"
by Katy Mann October 24, 2007
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the nasty, extra smelly and sometimes explosive shits that occur following a hefty night of drinking.
TP: "Fuck I really tied one on last night!"
Pete Dick: "How you feel?"
TP: "Other than the day after drinking shits, pretty good."
Pete Dick: "delightful for ya"
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
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Another drinking holiday invented by the Tonight Show.
Todd Leven brought it to Conan's attention that there was no drinking holiday for jews. As it turns out, Todd didn't drink, so he gave their drinking holiday to the black folk.
Thus, Black Jewish drinking day was born.
October 12th is Black Jewish drinking day.
by Giovanni Mann October 12, 2009
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Abbreviated d.a.d. these shits are the worst. Simply a day after drinking shit.
Dude last night I drank so muck Miller and now I can feel a d.a.d. coming on. Fuck Day after drinking shits
by kidwhodrinks May 11, 2014
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