Started out as a 15 year old youtube blogger, posting video diaries. He has become famous on youtube for his diaries, which feature his everyday problems, frank display of emotions, eccentric clothing, and unique character. He has done collaborations and interviews of other famous youtubers such as Smosh and LisaNova. Many have disputed over whether or not this character or "Bernice Juac III" is a fake, scripted one. There is no actual conclusive evidence for his fakery, although many have attempted.

Loved by some, hated by others.

Besides Bernice Juac and Daxflame, some have claimed that he is really Madison Paetrello.
Is Daxflame's name really Bernice Juach III?
No, he said in one of his blogs that it isn't his real name.
by Wowduck1 July 1, 2010
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a 15 year old kid named bernice with the nickname daxflame who makes youtube videos about his school life which most consinder retarded but some think hes an actor
Daxflame: "i yelled pee-fight and i turned and i pee'd on him".
by mark457487 February 24, 2007
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A video blogger on YouTube who appears pathetic, creepy, and antisocial in his videos for the amusement of his viewers. In his videos, Dax has had a pee fight with his friend Jacob, been beat up by a girl, dressed up as superman, and has broken down to the point of tears on several occasions. There is much debate to whether DaxFlame is a real person, or just an actor.
DaxFlame: "And then I yelled, 'pee fight,' and I turned and I pee'ed on him."
by YaSquare March 13, 2007
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A five piece hardcore band from New York City. Daxflame's interesting sound mixes heavy guitar parts over 8 bit video game sounds, but are also known for and not limited to very intricate prog parts with all types of odd time signatures and polyrythmes.

Daxflame shows often resemble a party. There are times when people are invited up on stage to dance to there more electronica parts, this tradition often results in at least 18 people dancing in an unorganized manner on a small cramped stage.

The band is in the process of writing/recording there first album, witch with a little bit of luck will come out never.

Daxflame includes, two guitars, two synths, drums, drumpad, a sampler, and an electribe. This is the reason that they are notorious for taking so long to set up, but they do there best.

There current line up includes:


Gianluca-vocals/bass/synt h




If you want to check them out, go to

"why did Daxflame name there band after that youtube guy?"

"Daxflame is weird"

"when does Daxflame go on"

"oh god Daxflame is next"

"Daxflame soungs a little like Horse the band!"
by johnflame April 18, 2008
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An extremely energetic hardcore band from New York City who names there songs after the people in the band. this is a trend that will be followed through there first five songs, but after those are established the rest of there new songs will have normal names.

Daxflame often samples movies in there music they place those samples right before something heavy or interesting is going to happen, so be sure to check them out on

There name derives from a famous youtuber who acts like a retard. Daxflame the person has grown more, and more popular over time.

Why they named there band after him is still unknown

"Daxflame sucks"

"are you going to the Daxflame show?"

"gi joe"
by daxjakeflame March 19, 2008
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King of the retards.

Duke of the dumb.

But amazingly enough...

He's not retarded.

He's resmarted.

DaxFlame has become very popular on the 'ol YouTube.

Problem is, no one knows if he's for real or not.

His strange antics are amusing, and sometimes disturbing.

Such as when he dressed up as the love of his life "Sophia"

Or how he had homoerotic tendencies towards his "friend"

His hobbies include:

Peeing on people

Accidentally hurting himself

Explaining how stupid his mom is. (She's an izziot.)








Did I mention yelling and/or crying yet?

Whoever he is,

DaxFlame is truly, one of a kind, on the interbutts of life.
DaxFlame is the greatest american hero since that Hitler guy.
by McFooFa March 14, 2007
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(aka Bernice Juach III, aka Madison Petrello, aka My Hero)
-The coolest person on YouTube!
DaxFlame is a video-blogging character on the popular site YouTube! who had one of his earlier video diary entries featured on the YouTube homepage.
Since then, 'Dax' has continued to entertain millions of people across the world with his unique storytelling and all-round quirkyness.

Some retards think DaxFlame is a real person and try to act tough by posting threatening or abbusive comments on his videos. i.e. "What a retard why would you do that, if I ever saw this kid i would smash him in the fuckin face..."

And some other retards think that they're geniuses for working out that DaxFlame is actually fictional.
i.e. "hi MADISON, hows baseball? lolz"
-"Hey dude, daxflame just posted a new video"
-"fuckin sweet, I can't wait till he makes a new motion picture!!"
by I LOVE DAX September 23, 2007
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