v. to consume alot of alcohol and jizz your pants while grinding with someone at a party or social event
Guy 1: dude why'd u stop grinding with her she was hot?

Guy 2: i dont know she just stopped and slapped me

Guy 1: (examining guy1's pants) Holy shit dude did you dawson?
by mtpirko December 28, 2010
An absolute beauty. A MONSTER in bed;). Such a beaut that he will buy you gifts in fortnite😍

P.S. he kinda quirky doe😳
Dawson is an ABSOLUTE BEAUT!
by SeeMacIsWhack2 July 26, 2019
probably gay, sucks at fornight but has a hot brother.
"Wow, your almost as bad as dawson at fortnight"
"Dawsons brother is soooo hot i clap his cheeks every night"
by hitler_wasnt_that_bad May 1, 2018
A Dawson is nice sweet but greedy person and she is a GIRL. Not a boy and she loves TV and junk food yet she eats and eats and eats but she can't get fat


Boy:did you hear about the new boy in school his name is Dawson
Girl: SHE'S a girl not a boy and she's nice too
Boy:oh is she single
Dawson is nice and sweet and cool. :-) :-) :-)
by Sister forever November 1, 2017
Dawson is a kind lovable guy with a 6 foot slapper and all the girls want him but he loyal and hot
Man look at Dawson’s 6 foot slapper wow he is hot
by 6footslapper.com October 20, 2019
A retarded fag that thinks he's the best at everything but is actually shit at everything he usually has glasses that make his eyes big.
Dawson is a dumbass
by 123469420 March 10, 2022