Acronym for Designated Awesome Wickedly Godly Guy
Dude, Dawgg just completely owned that kid
by Joe Soutter May 26, 2008
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Usually used in "The Ghetto" or "Harlem". Slang word for close friend or accomplice. Found in ebonics, this word is sometimes used as code to confuse white policemen.
Yo dawgg, I was just riding my 'hogg' when i thought of a 50 cent song about sockggz...
by Johnsonforaface February 25, 2004
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If something is cool or exciting than you would use shiiiiiieeeett dawgg as word or phrase to use to let people know that you are indeed excited or impressed by something
Shiiiiiieeeett dawgg! Thats cool
by Frank the fetus February 13, 2018
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after a man is done fucking ass, and has a little chillay ''shit'' on his dick '' dawgg'' proceeds to plop the '' chillay dawgg'' in the other persons mouth.
ya the sex was great and i finished it all up by hittin her with the chillay dawgg
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Ry-unit..Thats my nigga he c-walks to class.. and smokes a fatty blunt.
man Ry-dawg is gettin crunk..
by Bryan Wines January 16, 2004
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Someone that is Horny .

Horn = horny
Dawg = a friend , a person
"yo James is such a Horn-Dawgg
by Ms . Tay August 2, 2011
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