A very strong sarcastic independent and intelligent girl. She will break you’re arm if needed. (Also enjoys tripping little kids and chasing people with knives.) Very entertaining but quite hot headed. Over reacts a lot. She’s super loyal and you’d be so lucky to have her. She’s boyish but very cute. Very connected to nature and animals.
Girl 1: omg it’s Davyn! We should go say hi!

Boy 1: Look at her! She’s so cute!

Friend : I love you’re dark humor.
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by JaylenAro February 25, 2019
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A person known to many people as a waste. Usually doesnt have a job, and has no intention of finding one. If a Davyn does find a job, he usually is useless. Most of the time is very poor, and bums off of friends.
Me: Hey, look its Davyn!
Person: Oh nevermind him, he's a waste.
Me: A waste of what?
Person: Air
by Sakkie78 May 27, 2013
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