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A small town in Michigan, which happens to be the true hometown of Michael Moore; despite his claims that he is from Flint. In reality Flint Michigan is roughly as far away from Davidson as South Central is from Beverly Hills.
Davidson is a small town in Michigan. People tend to clam up when asked about Michael Moore.
by GAW II August 06, 2008
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A small college town north of Charlotte North Carolina. It is patrolled by cops who have eaten quite a few too many donuts in their careers, yet will pull you for 5 over or passing on the right. The people are nice enough to you unless you are under 35. Great place to start a family!
I hate this fucking town Davidson.
by Matthew Wasburn August 14, 2006
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Calling someone a davidson is another way of saying someone is a lost cause and is a waste of space. Davidson's often crawl deep into the anus of unusually gargantuan chimpanzees and suckle the nutritious juice from monkey dangle berries.
My technology teacher is a davidson, his front door resembles the anus of a monkey.
by The Red devil hunter September 04, 2011
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a little town in rural north carolian. well known for it's annual parade in which participants (mainly Jamie and his friends) elephant-walk around the town. also known for it's extremely dumb population and girly-men.
Davidson was recently named the worst place on earth, mainly because of all the girly-men that roam the streets.
by michaelfoxtrot October 22, 2006
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a gay, young, and or old "flammer." occasionally bisexual, but normally gay
look at that davidson over there sucking that dick.
by justin lover296 March 13, 2009
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