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Hinsdale is the "la-la land" of east suburban Illinois. With absolutely no connections that can be seen related to the crash of 2007, the last time I mentioned the recession in Hinsdale, all I got were blank stares.

In Hinsdale there is such a thing as the "Hinsdale mom." Cadillac Escalade (as there is no other choice of a car for "Hinsdale moms"), designer outfits, expensive haircuts, and spoiled kids that constantly max out their personal credit cards. In similar suit, there are "Hinsdale restaurants" (overly priced mediocre food) and "Hinsdale girls" (effectively replacing "white girls" by upping the ratchet and bling).

Schools offer trips to Florida and Washington DC for 8th graders, and vacations to Rome and France for the high school which most students attend. Basically whatever one does, the rest will follow (especially when purchasing cars, clothing, and vacations).

True to the 1% nature of the Hinsdale residents, iPod touches are part of a 3rd grader's present. The iPhone 5c is expected to be rewarded to 5th graders, while the iPhone 5s is rewarded to most every 7th grader. Expensive laptops and powerful gaming PCs are 8th graders playthings, while home cinemas are for the parents.

Home prices range from $750,000 to $26,000,000, while the higher end of the spectrum is concentrated in the South-East sector of this town.

True to "la-la land" fashion, once you join, there's no leaving the town, even in your gold-plated Range Rover.
That Hinsdale clique is all white, has too much money, and has no idea what the real world is like.
by sonyaaaaaaa March 10, 2014
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A town in the western parts of the suburbs of chicago. Some would have you believe that it is inhabited solely by rich assholes with benzes and McMansions. Like every rumor, this has a shred of truth. Most of Hinsdale is middle to upper class. Some have coined it "the OC of the midwest." This again, can be true sometimes. Hinsdale kids are notorious for having too much money and too much time. These things can lead to bad behavior, but hinsdale kids, on the whole are good kids.
For the most part, hinsdale is a good place to live. I personally enjoy it. There is a huge pool of people here. You got your standard cliques, (prep, jock, stoner, "ghetto") But, then you have the kids who've realized cliques don't mean shit. These are the coolest kids you'll get to know if you ever come to live in hinsdale.
The school system's great, we have very little crime, and yet everyone wants to get out.
If I forgot anythign feel free to add your own definition.
Hinsdale is a pretty sweet place to live.
by Isaac Brock November 25, 2006
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it really should be called HinsVegas. thats how crazy it gets there.
Dude let's go to Vegas when we're 21.

Nah dude lets go to Hinsdale.

Holy shit that would be obscene.
by HCHS Class2010 October 19, 2010
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The Ultimate Suburb. Houses are Massive. People are Rich, Sexy, and Powerful. The "it" car is the Bentley Continental. Everyone who lives there knows who belongs and who doesn't. To the south is Burr Ridge, to the north is Oak Brook, to the west is Clarendon Hills, and to the east is Western Springs. Hinsdale is all about classiness. No fast food is welcome in that town, because it brings scum and unwanted pounds that are not welcome on any Hinsdalean. That said, everyone knows Lifetime is the place to be, its full of hinsdale hotness. People knock Hinsdale because of "everyone having an attitude". In reality, all those people wish they could have that attitude. The kids party hard and are cocky. They have the right to be. The parents get them whatever they want. A 16th birthday means a trip along Ogden Ave. to one of the Lux car places....ya SoOoo not used. Cops love busting Hinsdale kids. They're just pissed that they have to babysit the rich folks kids on the weekends, knowing that regardless of what they bust up, these elite kids are getting out of it. So to those of Hinsdale. Happy Power to You.
(Dinner in Oak Brook)
Oh, look at those kids at that table. The guys are damn fine and classy. The girls are super-skinny, uber-hot, have Chanel handbags, and are wearing UGG boots with Juicy pants. Everyone has a different North Face jacket. And what's that outside, their fleet of Range Rovers? Oh wow. Those kids are SoOooOOO Hinsdale.
by shoelover2833 November 19, 2009
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The definition of suburbia. Some say it is full of rich kids and mercedes, but in reality it is just a bunch of people with new money posing as rich successful people. They have their fancy cars and McMansions, all the while they have two mortgages on their house and can barely afford to pay off their credit card bills. So yeah, Hinsdale is filled with people with mercedes, and if you consider posing and new money rich, then yeah, some wealthier upper-middle class people live there too. Really a bunch of posers trying to act rich.
Hey, look at that kid with the newly-built gaudy house, the yellow Farrari, and the True Religion jeans! Think he's from Lake Forest??

No. Lake Forest is old money, i.e. no need to show off their wealth. That kid's TOTALLY from Hinsdale
by LakeForestLovin June 15, 2011
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A little rich bitch town. It has been overtaken by "Ghetto kids", preps,stoners and evil sea monsters that lurk in lake Michigan. Ok, maybe not the last one. But it sucks. Yay suburbia.Not.
"Yo.Yo.You fo sho wanna go to hinsdale? Yeah man, yo. Lets go." -Ghetto kid number one.
"I can't man,yo,my pants are fallin' off my ass."-Ghetto kid number two.

"Mannnnn. I am sooo stoned."-Stoner kid at 8 in the morning.

by looooser355435353453 August 25, 2006
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