When designing experiences, the best way to combat one's "gut intuition" is to leverage data during the process. Leveraging quantitative data together with qualitative data are two key methods by which one's intuition can be challenged for its most arrogant biases.

It is a positively valenced word that speaks to how data often gets a bad rap when constructing experiences. A dataful approach is about being more inclusive of all kinds of data throughout the production and deployment of an experience by being evidence-based. Ultimately users are better served because their unique differences are better understood — rather than designing just around one creator's interpretation of what is right.
The designer used a dataful approach, which resulted in something both impactful to our users and beautiful as an experience.

Being dataful when designing an experience does not mean throwing away your intuition — it's instead about augmenting your intuition with evidence-based reasoning.
by datafulisthenewbeautiful November 8, 2019
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An android from the 24th century who serves on the star ship Enterprise.
Data kicked some borg ass and then fed his cat lunch.
by The OC Bitch Is Hot! September 29, 2003
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info in a form that is can be processed by a computer
by Anamedperson September 28, 2020
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That one android on Star Trek.

He's played by Brent Spiner.

I wonder what he's doing nowadays?

(he's probably getting fucked in the ass!)
"And have you noticed how your boobs have started to firm up?" - Data
by Schwa Umlaut August 25, 2007
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An awesome character from the movie " The Goonies ' a totally kick ass movie, Data is the little chinese kid who creates a bunch of sweet ass shit, and can not pronounce booby trap, the goonies are awesome!
Stef:Where are you going?
Data: To set boody twaps.
Stef:You mean booby traps..?
Data: Thats what i SAID! Boody twaps!
by GCKA December 6, 2003
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Impactful data. (See "impactful".)

Often used in academic research centers in superficial and sarcastic contexts.
Dee Dee: Boy, that strategic analysis report was really dataful.

Martyn: Wasn't it, though? I thought it highly impactful.

Dee Dee: Indeed.
by Rick Conlorec April 22, 2009
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sweet pics that girls take of themselves while naked or with very little clothing on that are eventually seen by everyone in the school/town
"yo dude did you see that girl's data?" "Dude she SENT ME her data..."
by FCD of MadConn December 2, 2009
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