Alternative meaning, popularized by the the Soulja Boy song of the same title. Crank dat refers to the act of masturbation, as indicated by the lyrics "watch me "crank dat" soldier boy then superman that hoe"
Watch me crank dat soldier boy then superman dat me masturbate my erect penis then ejaculate on this promiscuous woman's back before sticking a sheet to the soiled spot on her back causing an eventual cape-like effect.
by Cracka-boy October 30, 2007
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song that is contributing to the retardation of america
After listening to crank dat, John transformed from a genius to being in a persistant vegetative state.
by soulja boy must needs be dead December 5, 2007
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A horrible song with no lyrical talent whatsoever
Person: Love that Crank Dat song
Person 2: Can you do the dance?!?!
Person: There's a dance?!?
Person 2: Yeah it goes like this *proceeds to move about like they are a retarded monkey on speed*
by You_wont_know_me September 13, 2007
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A horrible song by a horrible "artist" (Soulja Boy) that talks about how some guy (Soulja Boy) whacks off onto a girls back when she's sleeping, and sticks a bed sheet to her back, and it sticks, hence SUPERMANN!
Soulja Boy: Crank dat soulja boy, superman dat ho.

by mark101 June 18, 2008
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The gansta version of the macarena. the words still cant be understood, and it has launched as many parodies that are as retarded as the song itself.
person #1: What are you listening to? And why are you dancing??

person #2: It's Crank Dat and I'm dancing yo.

preson #1: Righhhtt. You look like you're doing the Macarena on speed.

by sXexcore October 25, 2007
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The most annoying song ever to be released. It is rapped by Soulja Boy, a 17yr old kid with no talent. One of the songs that makes rap music hard to defend.
Person 1: "crank dat and superman dat hoe"

Person 2: Lets kick his ass for singing that song
by hiphopfan February 10, 2008
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A rather sophisticated rap song. I never thought I would ever say this until I heard "donk", which bring soulja boy to a new level of retardation.
Soulja boy SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!
He's a retarded shthead!!!!!!!!
We thought crank dat was retarded until we heard "donk", absolutely senseless!!!!
by EVHSRV July 31, 2008
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