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Someone who has the best attitude never imagined.Too sweet, too nice, too cute.Got that sweet honest heart.Someone everyone loves to be around.Very passionate person and loves to be involved in many things
Damn, Darlyn is too dope....idk how I would live without her!!!!!!!!!
by sorandom101 August 05, 2009
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(pronounced DAR-LEEN) this is a girl who cant stay in a relationship for too long. Darlyn gets a new boyfriend every two months because thats the way she rolls...Darlyn always says that she wants to keep the relationship a secret from her parents, so dont ever expect to meet her parents. She is just playing you, and after two months she will break up with you by text message and it will read "my dad found out about you so i cant date for awhile"
but then three days later she will ask your best friend out

you need 15 hands to count all of her X's, Darlyn has been around the block ALOT OF TIMES

James: Hey who is Darlyn going out with now??

Steve: Im pretty sure shes going out with Luis

Jose: Naw man she dumped Luis and asked his bestfriend out

James: Damn!!! thats Scandalous

Jose: I Know Man...Shes Dirty
by Mister Modis January 22, 2010
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A timid creature found mostly in buildings along ocean ave, Brooklyn NY. Darlyn's main choice of game to hunt considers elves with great personalities and exuberant choices of humor. This creature changes hair color to assimilate or stand out of crowds at time. If seen contact homeland security and hide your elves in a closet.
I was walking by ocean avenue and i saw darlyn. She was dragging a elf behind her. The elf had underwear on his head...poor dude.
by KeeblerTheElf19 July 25, 2009
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A Ducth Term That Describes A Short Mexican Girl That Gives Free Handjobs And/Or Blowjobs On The Third Date. All Darlyn Wants Is For You To Buy Them Lunch. The Term Originated In The 1830's Among The Dutch Community When Alot Of The Dutch Sailors Visited Whorehouses In Albania Looking For Action.
(Darlyn is Pronounced DAR~LEEN)
Armando: When The Ferris Wheel Stopped All The Way At The Top. Darlyn Gave Me A Bomb Blow Job, The Dumb Bitch Ruined My Shirt Though!! She Usually Eats Its It All, But I Guess She Was A Vegetarian That Night! haha

Marcus: Yea Only For That Night Cuz I Was With Her Two Weeks Ago Dawg!!

Armando: I Wonder Who Darlyn Will End Up With Next??
by Johnny Tsunami 2006 January 29, 2010
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