Darlin is a beautiful girl that loves to joke around, Hates drama is bad at expressing feelings and has a big heart deep down inside
by Colombia530 April 20, 2017
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Darlin is a girl who loves to joke around but sometimes doesn’t have friends that much she a shy girl and funny can be rude sometimes
👹😂👽🤙🏻🤪🙄☠️🤦🏻 ♂️🍵🧀darlin
by Janna gilly April 16, 2019
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A handsome man or guy that care about his friend and his love ones and has a deep heart about love ones and loves to joke around with friends.
That man is such a Darlin
by ThatBlackBoi June 16, 2018
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A gorgeous guy whose lips with one kiss could take your breath away.
"That guy, with the sexy lips is a Darlin."

"No one can compare to that Darlin!"

"His lips are so sweet, he must be a Darlin"
by toooorie April 29, 2010
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She’s beautiful, moody, and falls for guys easily. She may act goofy but in the inside she’s really smart and magnificent, She’d make the perfect friend and partner. She will be the most craziest person you’d ever meet in your entire life, she may be different from other girls but this different is a good different. She sometimes has a bitchy attitude but only when you get on her bitchy side. She’s confident and pretty and you will never regret you met her.
The new girl is such a Darline
by Hy_pnos November 6, 2018
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A pet name/nickname for somebody you care deeply for.
"She/He's my darlin"
"Hey Darlin"
"Darlin Darlin my true love come a swoopin like a dove"
by bizz-eth March 23, 2005
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