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She’s beautiful, moody, and falls for guys easily. She may act goofy but in the inside she’s really smart and magnificent, She’d make the perfect friend and partner. She will be the most craziest person you’d ever meet in your entire life, she may be different from other girls but this different is a good different. She sometimes has a bitchy attitude but only when you get on her bitchy side. She’s confident and pretty and you will never regret you met her.
The new girl is such a Darline
by Hy_pnos November 05, 2018
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the coolest person in the world usually likes frogs and the color green and has best friends who party hardy
Michelle: what you do this weekend?
Monica: Oh hanging out with my bff Darline.
Michelle: Did you party hardy
Monica: yeah me and darline did!
by mcm8812 October 15, 2008
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Usally white....either a lesbian..or in love with black males..tends to be aggressive and a down low nympho...could possibly have a large booty.even though..she is white
Damn darline yu think yu black
by Lavantray January 29, 2009
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She is a beautiful young lady and always wants attention she is gorgeous she deserves the right man she loves makeup and her shoes she is a girly girl and she has amazing sisters and she always has to have her nails done
by Hoesszzz September 21, 2019
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