A Darla is a beautiful lady. Normally tall with dark hair, a Darla is super sexy. If you ever meet a Darla, she will be sure to make your day better. She is one of the nicest people you can ever meet, has a big heart and gives helpful advice. She loves her family and accepts everyone. If you know a Darla, you sure are lucky.
Did you see that lady over there? She gave me the best advice, she must be a Darla.
by Opal7898 February 13, 2013
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darla is a kind person that will make you smile. she can be nerdy but she well always try to include you.
shes so nice she must be a darla
by sunnymoon2154 August 04, 2016
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a bamf, a woman who needs no one else, she is the god of all humans, she is perfect in every way and likes to get her freak one every once in a while.
that girls not a hoe! shes a Darla.
by stevenL February 18, 2008
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Darla is delectable. She works hard and ain't got no time for bulsh*t. She is a scrumptious shorty with brown hair and dazzling eyes. She don't know it, but she DAMN fine! ALL the boys in the room would love a moment of her time!
If I was eating the most tender steak in NY, I would call it Darla!
by vankadoebie June 22, 2010
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a beautiful woman who will never leave your side. she will always stay with you no matter what. she always has the purest intentions. kind and has a big heart. she probably has a weird past but you have to look past that because she has probably grown into a more mature and understanding person.
"i love my bsf"
"yeah shes such a darla"
by heylol123 February 15, 2021
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Someone who is shady as fuck. Someone who steals your awesome, mustache lighter and then wants to fight you over it. We still love Darla though because she's so Darla.
"That chick stole my awesome mustache lighter!"
"Yes, she must have been a Darla"
Why are you being so Darla?
by forgiving bartender January 24, 2014
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She is a person who can look you dead in the eye with the utmost serious tone in her voice and straight lie to you and then blame you for the distruction from her wake. Most would call her a master bitch manipulator with a side of ugly drug habits.
Oh my gosh, I was so close to becoming friends with this girl, but she turned out to be a total Darla and then blamed me for her habits.
by Succa-fisch January 30, 2017
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