Short for bullshit. It combines the words bull (dropping an 'l') and the short form of shit (shi) into a single syllable word that is easily applicable. 'Bolsh' is also an acceptable variation.
Hey man, my teacher failed me for talking. This is such bulsh.
by Jimmy Schmidt February 24, 2005
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A word used to replace the phrase "bull shit" so that the phrase sounds cut short. Commonly used to point out something that is bull shit without sounding volgur.
My boss is making me work a double shift. This is some bulsh!
by Snappy S. July 1, 2010
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A way of saying bulls#@! without offending anyone (although, some people may see it as offensive still. If that's the case, they just don't understand play-on-words in English).

There's also horsh for horses@!#, dosh for dogs%!@ (side note: a euphemism for this would be dog water or dookie).
"Man, that's some bush/bulsh if you think that's gonna work."
"You know what's bulsh? Susan Wojcicki. She's ruining YouTube and is not helping with improving the website overall."
by RDTurcios June 30, 2021
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people who steal the idea for an Urban Dictionary word and get more thumbs ups for them. This usually involves adding letters and extra explanations to the definition that the original didn't.
Some bulsh biters stole my definition for "bulsh"!
by Snappy S. July 28, 2010
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When you blush because you resubscribe to a streamer and say spread my ass, then they agree and make wet slurping sounds.
I dropped my Twitch Prime on this Overwatch streamer, and I started bulshing hard bro.
by Sammazing April 6, 2020
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