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The same as shady but more so.
"He's shady."
"Yeah, but not as shady as her. She's shady as fuck."
by MoO3 March 21, 2014
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SBWZF Someone who throws shade and doesn't care about the consequences.
A shady bitch with zero fucks may post something on Twitter, Snapchat etc., either naming names or making it so blatantly obvious that it is about an individual or a group of people.
*cheerleaders who took a trip to Florida and post pictures of their Starbucks drinks*

Shady bitch with zero fucks (sbwzf) posts: "hmmm I think I'm going to go to Starbucks just to post an obnoxious picture of my overpriced drink"

Offended girl 1: omg @ me next time bitch

Offended girl 2: lmao don't hate us cuz you ain't us
Offended girl 3: you're jealous cuz were in Florida and you're not.
by hammyy February 9, 2019
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