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A great person. Draven is someone you can open up to fairly easily. They know how to have a conversation and they are extremely encouraging/understanding. They are not afraid to express their feelings. They are confident, but not cocky. They are creative, accepting, helpful, witty, flirtatious, and above all, kind. They treat those around them right, and there is a good chance you will inexplicably fall for them in an instant. Also, they have kittens.
I can't believe Draven was ever a part of my life.
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by Annoyedpagan March 29, 2018
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"Child of beautiful shadows" Draven's can be mysterious and dark but also playful and optimistic. Draven; the avenging angel character from "the crow". Draven's have a great imagintion and are often artistic.

Also vengeful and angsty; nice to ones they know and love, can hold a huge grudge against people who have had a negative influence in their life.
"that guy over there walking alone...hes very much a Draven."
by Dark fall February 07, 2010
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a person who can be optimistic, and trys to gather people together for special events. Draven is often known to many but has a mysterious side of some what.Has a great love for something higher than this world has to offer.Can be a bitch too.
Just ask Draven, Let's go with Draven.
by Tajon June 21, 2009
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A Draven is a athlethic funny guy. Someone who will be a gentleman to ladies but a jerk to his friends. Has a childish side and serious side. Gets jelous easily and is drop dead gorgeous. Loves anything related to football and has curly hair and is very muscular. He is also a huge dork.
You see that hot dork over there thats d Draven.
by Lg? October 25, 2017
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Hot,relaxed,calm. Surfs,goes to the beach alot. Good in the bed. Smokes weed. Can be a bitch sometimes. Rarley ever serious. Can have a energy overload at times. Sick and twisted in the mind.
Dame,Draven fucked me so hard last night!
Draven got so high last night.
I dont get Draven at all.Draven can be creepy.
by sleepzzzzzzzzzzz April 23, 2009
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Verb. To kill or be killed in an incredibly gruesome and savage manner e.i. the main character from the movie The Crow. Usually involves torture.
"In the new Saw movie, some guy totally got Dravened."

"If you don't stop pissing me off, I'm going to Draven you."
by breelligerent November 20, 2009
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