TMTH abbreviated for TO MUCH TO HANDLE, first used exclusively by homosexual males in southern California frequently, now frequently used by many people of many different "categories".

TMTH can be used to describe something or someone negativity OR positively.
*Mattie is listening to Brittny's new album loudly while dancing sexualy*

Daphne:"Mattie you're being a little TMTH tonight."


*A kickback has been cancled after a group traveled 50 miles to reach it, the group arives and is informed*

Michelly:"This kickback is the definition of TMTH."
by Rae Lancione November 15, 2007
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Too Much To Handle. The term populized by Danny Noriega during the semifinal of American Idol Season 7. It means an unexpected surge catastrophe that bring about shocks beyond comprehension.
"Danny's boot before the Top 12 was TMTH. He should've made top 3 at least. I'm still in denial about his elimination. He was definitely robbed by the producer"
"Danny Noriega is too hot. His sexy attitude is TMTH for America"
by Lynh_clt March 8, 2008
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TMTH = To Much TO Handle

Commonly used after Danny Noriega said it one The hit T.V. show "American Idol"
Danny: My friend tripped me down the stairs. that was TMTH.
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 13, 2008
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Originally used by Danny Noriega on American Idol, TMTH stands for "too much to handle"
"I totally fell down the stairs right in front of my crush. It was TMTH."
by Johdahn May 4, 2008
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her outfit was so bright it was tmth
by rye2012 June 28, 2012
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Lisa: I'm a tmth
Dan: What? You hunt turtles?
Lisa: Yeah, mutant ones.
by Faddle March 8, 2008
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