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TMTH = To Much TO Handle

Commonly used after Danny Noriega said it one The hit T.V. show "American Idol"
Danny: My friend tripped me down the stairs. that was TMTH.
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 13, 2008
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used online for bullitens and blogs short for "Not a Chain" because chain letters are posted a lot
(Bulliten title) "OPEN THIS! (nac!)"

and then inside they post what they really want to say
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 18, 2008
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A Contestant on American Idol, Danny Noriega is from American Idol Season 7. he auditioned for season 6, but didnt make it past Hollywood week.

He Now has thousands of fans, becuase of his sassy and flamboyant attitude, and great sense of humor.

He is known for quotes like;
---"That was TMTH"
---"I thought it would be fun for a first show, but some people wernt Likin' it!"
---"I turned as red as a cute little tomato!"
"Danny Noriega from american idol should have won, but he didnt pick the right songs" -- Catherine
"I know, his song choice was TMTH" -- Laurie
by DannyFannyDAnimal March 17, 2008
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Oh My Jonas.

Based from the musical group sensation, "The Jonas Brothers"

used in text, not spoken
Laura- "OMJ i want to go to the concert! take me!

Sara- "OMJ that would be so much fun!"
by DannyFannyDAnimal April 4, 2008
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