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Dana is that type of girl that you can depend on. She always tries to listen. She looks at you with her black glasses on and her cute lil smile. She doesbt have a ton of friends, just few. Maybe like a little group. She's really nice and extra. A drama queen. She also has a love for different types of music. And most likey has a group of unique friends that always stick together in drama. She's s beautiful and is most likey talented in art and loves to sing. Dana's usually are thick, with a fat ass. And has the perfect body. She also laughs at her own jokes and makes everyone else laugh with her. She doesnt hate no one. She just gets stressed. When she wants to cry. She thinks of happy thoughts. She wont share her pain with anyone. She hides her pain with laughter and happiness. If you have a Dana...keep her. Your lucky to have her.
Dana is always so cheerful.

I wish i could be as strong and independent as dana
by AnonymousWriterForYou May 5, 2019
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