An absolute idiot that eats bananas every fucking day in Mr.Sanders class like what the fuck eat that shit at lunch like do not bring it to class. Otherwise an okay person.
Guy 1: Hey have you talked to Dana?
Guy 2: No she was eating a fucking banana in Sanders class
by Weazel101 February 20, 2020
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Dana is always beautiful! Being called Dana means you have curves a Kardashian would spend their fortune to get, a smile that can light up the darkest of places, and eyes that when caught in her blue gaze will put you in a hypnotic state. Dana shows no understanding of the powerful and awestruck beauty she possesses which will make one lost in thoughts of Dana. Dana makes people change, appreciate life more and be thankful for her presence in their life. Dana is one to listen to and listeners will receive insight that adds to their life and makes your life better. If you are chosen for sexual relations then tread lightly cause Dana will rock your world and only make you count the hours until the next time she puts you in her arms. Do not cross Dana because she gives her best towards all until taken for granted, under appreciated, done wrong. Each brings its own form of retribution that will make the strongest of strong fall not knowing that just losing Dana in ones life just makes life not as fulfilling. One who fulfills and is blessed with Dana in a relationship can achieve all their desires and walk through life with a true “Ride or Die” on their arm.
Dana stopped by for 5 minutes to say Hi and I came in my pants from her mere presence!
by jstoru November 15, 2020
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Dana is the most creative person you’ll ever meet. Her sense of style is unmatched. Under her confidence, her perfectly fashionable looks, her unmatched hairstyle, and her extraverted demeanor, she is an absolute sweetheart and the best friend anyone could hope for. Men fall in love with her at first sight! But the secret to winning her heart is gaining her trust.
Dana is such a chooch, never a cauche
by Pseudonym646 November 23, 2021
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Dana would probably end up marrying someone from Palestine. She's really hot. Like she really really really hot. I can't express how hot and pretty she is. She's funny, kind, and amazing. She takes care of her friends and makes sure they're okay. Get yourself a Dana!
boy 1: did you see Dana?
boy 2: yeah she looks really hot today, she's so nice I love her sm.
by ilysm!233 December 1, 2021
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Dana is a girl who is known for her kindness and patience. This may lead her to be taken advantage of but only to an extent because she will only take so much bull. Dana is extremely beautiful, loves kids (like a lot it's kinda weird) and has amazing eyes. She loves to cook and is willing to give anything a try, all to live life to the fullest. Dana is always there when you need somebody to listen to your problems. Overall Dana is an amazing person to have around.
"Have you seen Dana, she looks amazing"
by Mark Spade July 12, 2020
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A girl with a high IQ but loves death a bit too much
Bob: Hey, did you see Dana?
John: Yeah, she worries me. I saw her reach in her bag when her boyfriend started yelling.
Bob: Oh Jesus, he’s dead by now
by GinormousPP December 15, 2018
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A beautiful North American woman, with green eyes; perfect lips and a smile to die for that loves koala cuddles.

When you find a Dana never let her go; they can often be found online checking out selfie posts but watch out they’re addictive
Dana: come koalalalala me p-p-p-please
by Koala Cuddles March 11, 2020
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