A Syrian princess who's extremely cute. A girl who you want to stand up for and protect because she seems so innocent that she should never be accused of anything. Has a good heart and doesn't care about your origins even if they're different from Dana's. A total babe.
Dana is babe.
by Yung555 September 7, 2017
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The Most amazing and wonderful person on earth! Shes so talented but doesn't know it. She beautiful in every way possible! And of cores to be so talented, amazing, and beautiful, you must be Asian. Dana can't compare to anyone. She always over accheives, and everyone is all ways jealous! Who knows how its possible! The only thing wrong with Dana is that she doesn't see any of this stuff in her self. Because she truly is amazing.
Person 1: You know that Dana girl?

Person 2: You mean that girl who is super pretty, an amazing singer, Always gets A's? She's in Honors, so she must be super smart. She over acheives at everything! Shes a cute little Asian right? Oh and Shes always saying how horrible she is, but everyone tries to convince her otherwise because its not true? She's loved by just about everyone! And everyone wants to be her friend! She claims that she "Loves everyone more" But that Addie Chick loves her more than anyone, even that Lexi girl, and Jade, and that Lauren chick? That Dana right?

Person 2:... yea that Dana! Well, Guess who just Asked her out?????????????
by anonymous11264596 February 19, 2011
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A beautiful, loving girl. She plays hockey and likes music by artists like lights. She can keep her fag boyfriend for over 4 months now and still shows him how much she loves him and how lucky he is to have her. She is loved by many people, especially her boyfriend. She cares more about others, rather than only caring about herself. She has beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. Overall she is probably the most amazing person in the entire world.
Josh: I love Dana, she is so perfect.
by nigglet_91 September 4, 2010
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Dana Is Very Amazing!
by smartsongbird November 19, 2011
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a girl who knows how to correctly rock superman underoos.
You look sooo Dana in those!
by AMR1979 November 29, 2010
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Dana is the essence of naughtyness. Yet she hides it pretty well. She makes a Bassam look nice next to her actions of naughtyness.
Dana got coal for Christmas, because she is so naughty !
by inyoface99 August 26, 2011
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of Dan; God's judge, master, governor, husband, gift (from the Hindi, or 'Danna Paramita' from Sanskrit, meaning "the perfection of generosity") - "one whom is very knowledgable" (Farsi) - any man that is authoritative without ego or predjudice. Always strives to do the right thing, even to the detriment of himself
Dan shall judge his people as one - 'Dana shall judge his people as one'
by shiloh69er August 31, 2013
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