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U.S. citizen with parent/s born outside the United States and it's territories. Someone who is legally in America by birth or permission, but claims and isn't embarrassed by their heritage or culture.
I'm damp, not a wet-back or illegal alien. I think it's awesome to be damp because I'm a proud American but I'm still proud of my roots.
by MaquitaBrown September 13, 2017
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When something's slightly moist but not to moist & slightly dry but not to dry.
Niraj Somani is damp.
by Lord_roro June 30, 2013
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Means "very cool" or "awesome" even "pimp"
"Dude, your new shoes are damp!"

"Damp 3 off that last kicker"

"Check out that damp car"
by choopie911 April 10, 2005
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DAMP (dam-p) (adjective) - 1.) triflin, boo-boo, not good. 2.) T Wag-41
Example used in Sentence: "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang, did you see that punk? He was looking TOO damp!" Second Example: "Man, that damp kid, aka t wag-41, is acting a fool.
by OfiveNfour November 08, 2011
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